The best place to live Is...

The best place to live is  not a certain spot on our planet, this is the place where you feel happy, I think each of us has a such place for me is still Stone Harbor city, New Jersey. there I had everything: favorite job that brought me a lot of money, great friends, respect and a constant feeling of happiness. Stone Harbor is a small but very beautiful town with nice people. It located on the coast of the ocean. Every morning I rode a bicycle to work, making delicious pizza all day and in the evening I was walking along the shore of the ocean with my friends or girlfriend. In the neighboring towns were many beautiful places and every weekend I was discovering something new.


Friends, who I got acquainted with in Stone Harbor, are still my good friends. Each of us knew that someday the time comes to leave, and we were trying to cling to every day and every opportunity to spend time together. Before leaving the Stone Harbor we made a concrete slab and left our handprints. And I believe that it still remains in the same place.



I hope that in the future I will find the equivalent of the same good place in Kazakhstan or Russia. With all my love, I would not want to Stone Harbor was the best time ever. I will look for the equivalent of the place at home, and when I have, I will invite all my friends to visit me. Not only those who were with me in Stone Harbor and St Petersburg but also each of you. I believe that it will happen, because I do not want to live only by memories of how all was well in the past. And when you're my guest (with your families) we will walk in the evenings and cling to every day as the last. 

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Excellent pictures! I believe you will certainly get back there again, I wish you that! I found a lot of useful information for myself!

I think it's a bit boring to live in such a small town, but everyone has his tastes!

Great photos! I really liked your blog. I think your trip is a great experience for you. Also it is a good experience to learn English too .I would love to go there.

You have own opinion, different from our groupmates' opinion. You wrote great blog. I like it. In true, I believe that Kazakhstan is the best place to live. 

Ooh, your become the ultimate interesting, but you talked about this many times in the classroom. so I will refrain from comments.

I like small, calm, but cozy towns, maybe because I'm from little village))) Such places have their own magical atmosphere. So, I like your choice

I completely agree with you! Indeed to visit in unusual place as it sinks down  in our soul,especially if you met such wonderful friends !)

your blog is very interesting!)thanks to you I learned a lot of interesting information) I hope to visit this little town in future)


This blog made me think over… The style of writing is open and grabbing! I wish you experienced such feelings again!

You  blog is very interesting! I really like it. I think it was a great experience. And of course I’m agree with this: «The best place to live is  not a certain spot on our planet, this is the place where you feel happy,» you are very interesting person with own opinion and own outlook on life. I wish you to be happy in any place. Good luck<o:p></o:p>

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